About Oasis Solutions

Oasis Solutions was established in 2011 to provide leadership and life coaching, consulting, counselling, for individuals, groups and organisations (public, private, non-government). Services are provided in two modes, face-to-face and virtual via telephone, Skype or Zoom.

Why the name?

Oases exist in starkly beautiful deserts, a place for travellers to rest, replenish, to continue their journey. An Oasis offers shelter, sustenance, a place to reflect, plan and navigate the next section of a successful journey. Oasis Solutions seeks to provide clients with an ‘Oasis’ – a confidential, calm, safe space to reflect and design their future. Everyone needs an 'Oasis' or a shelter, at some time in their life when their environment becomes challenging.

BIOGRAPHY: Shirley Schulz-Robinson PhD


Provider of services for individuals, groups, teams & organisations who are committed to being the best they can be.